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diBallet  is a brand born from a passion for Ballet, art, music and Fashion. Its silhouettes are developed based on the sensitive body, the notes and the movement, through the fresh and soft cotton texture, we find comfort, expression and the total look, y accompanied by fibers that evolve as nylon and lycra, we achieve total comfort.


Each of the pieces is carefully crafted by expert hands. Every stitch, every detail, every color scale, and its composition; they are prepared day by day by our technical design and production team.





We are the only   Colombian brand that makes garments for professional use for the practice  of the Ballet.


Our purpose  is to provide dancers from children to professionals  ergonomic garments , with excellent   design details, materials, finishes, smart.

 Made in Colombia

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On December 5, 2019 in the city of Bogotá,
the delivery of acknowledgments of  was carried out
Fenalco Bogotá Cundinamarca, awarding the Responsible Trade Seal
to the diBallet® brand  In compliance with legal obligations 
and good practices that directly affect the consumer, the community, 
the environment, the State and the company's own human resources. 


Sustainability in the company is guided by a model focused on generating value 

and have a great transformative impact on society.

Thanks to the integral articulation of the activities of the Sustainability Model, 

a balance is sought between the social, economic and environmental dimensions, 

thus demonstrating the company's commitment to its stakeholders.

Our shared value and corporate social responsibility actions 

they contribute to the construction of the country from the support of art and culture.

We are aware of the role we have in building quality of life with:

Products with high quality standards. 

 Authentic, differentiated and experiential products.

Responsible production and consumption.  Conscious consumption.

Take care of myself.   Share knowledge.   Action for climate.   

Alliances to achieve the objectives.

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If you want to make an exchange of a product purchased at you must fill out the CHANGE REQUEST format, and attach there  the invoice or dispatch guide._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ The product must be new, unused, impeccable, with all labels and original packaging, complete and unmodified parts, with accessories, complete manuals and protection labels attached to it.

By return mail you will receive a service ticket number and instructions to return the exchange product and receive the new one.

The service of collecting the product for exchange has a cost of $18,000 in Colombia, it must be paid by the client, the product will be collected and will comply with an inspection and biosafety process. And within three business days you will receive your new product at no additional cost, we will take care of it.




  • There is no refund of money.

  • Changes can be made for products of the same reference in available colors and sizes, validated at the time of request.

  • The request must be processed exclusively virtually by the owner of the purchase through our platform.

  • No exchanges for products of lesser value.

  • The product must be new, unused, impeccable, with all tags and original packaging

  • If your product was shipped outside of Colombia, contact our International service line to coordinate the change.

Trabajo de Escritorio

If you need to request
a product change 
write us:

Specific Properties

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