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Collection "Colombia" Butterflies

“It was the butterflies. Meme saw them, as if they had been suddenly born into the light, and her heart skipped a beat.

Magical stories have always been a recurring theme of inspiration in dance, they take us to places where anything can happen, many of our classic ballet works have come from literary works and in Colombia a classic symbol of our literature is yellow butterflies, which were born in the stories of magical realism of our Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez and that are the inspiration for this capsule collection.

For Gabo, yellow was the color of fortune and good luck, so it is the color we chose for our textiles, which have vitamin E properties that keep the skin young and radiant. We carefully decorate our garments by hand with Swarovski crystals and with butterflies made in Guipiure embroidered with bright golden threads, when dancing you will feel the flutter of a thousand butterflies since each design is a story full of dreams, magic and brilliance.

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