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Collection "Colombia" Emerald

One of the things that we like the most is that each dancer dazzles on stage, each one with her own light and elegance, that they stand out as our Colombian emeralds do, widely recognized for their intense color, a color that can well represent Colombia since he paints most of his landscapes and color from our capsule collection Emerald.

As well as the most spectacular precious stones in the world, each garment is designed to have a special shine, with fiber optics we manage to highlight each dancer while she is dancing; Just as they say that emeralds represent eternal youth, our textiles have properties of aloe vera and vitamin E that keep the skin young and radiant, turning these designs into a unique and luxurious experience to look incredible.

Colombian emeralds have a color that identifies Colombia as much as the three of its flag, green: that of the extensive prairies, mountains and nature reserves; the green that paints many of its fertile landscapes and that frames rivers, streams and waterfalls; the green of the Amazon jungle and the thick jungle that borders the coasts on the Pacific Ocean.

We are identified by a bright green that cannot be seen with the naked eye and that is engulfed by the mountains of the Cordillera Oriental between the departments of Boyacá and Cundinamarca. It is the green of Colombian emeralds, the most famous in the world.


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