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For the Luxury & Nature collection by diBallet® there are fashion proposals that you can  use in all your connection activities  with your body, at home, outdoors, in classes, auditions or sessions at the SPA. This ELITE SOFT SET Outfit will provide you with the necessary comfort to free your body, DANCE and feel infinite tranquility, its soft cotton textile pampers your skin and keeps it at the ideal temperature and makes it an object of desire this season, in which we all mainly  search for comfort.


The loose lines and relaxed air of straight pants added to a kimono-style overcoat, is a look that should be accompanied by intelligent styling, the key is to harmonize geometric proportions, and use neutral colors when combining.

The power of dreams

In this session our ambassadors ANDRES REYES and ANTONIA DIAZ moments before their trips to Chicago and Columbia USA respectively, both with an infinite Passion for Ballet in their hearts, have managed to reach the most prestigious Ballets in the United States and are the benchmark of many children and young people  in the world who also  pursue this passion. From a very young age they began their training in Colombia and due to their effort   and talent  they have managed to occupy these privileged spaces in the wonderful world of ballet.

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