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Colombian Collection


diBallet Mariposas Amarillas


Butterflies is a capsule collection inspired by the Colombian Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez and magical realism, with details of rhinestones, transparencies that highlight the body, bright butterfly appliqués carefully crafted as a reference to the work 100 Years of Solitude, each design is a story full of dreams and magic.

diBallet Colombian Flamings Inspiration


Flamingos is a capsule collection that takes the most romantic and delicate details of the Flamingos from the Colombian Guajira and turns them into a series of designs designed to make each girl feel special and feminine, with boleros that fill each piece with movement and grace, cuts that allow sterilization
of the body,

diBallet Colombian Orchids Inspiration


Orchids is a capsule collection inspired by Colombian orchids, being the country with the most orchid species worldwide and being recognized as our emblematic flower, we wanted to show it in our garments, rhinestone details accompany our flowers that change color with the light, cuts with transparencies, loose sleeves that can be adjusted in length with ribbons

diBallet Colombian Esmerald Inspiration


Emerald is a capsule collection inspired by Colombian emeralds; its color, brightness and clarity
they make them the best in the world, characteristics that are reflected in this series of exclusive designs, through transparencies and shine that gives each garment luxury and innovation.

Aves de Colombia


Colombia is the richest country in bird species in the world, it has around 1921 bird species and many of them are found only in our territory, we are a world power of biodiversity. Among the most recognized species are the canary, the hummingbird, the yellow-eared parrot, the harpy eagle, the golden quetzal, among many others. What makes us want to represent you through feathers, transparencies, capes, boleros, rhinestones and lots of color in the Birds capsule collection.

diBallet Caño Cristales Inspiration

Crystal Spout

Crystal Spout is a capsule collection that shows the beauty of Caño Cristales better known as the river of 5 colors, with pieces of many colors we recreate what makes this magical place so special its texture, on the edges of the sleeves, on the waist, back, in boleros and skirts you will have this special visual sensation, accompanied by 0 water printing of colorful lines that create a fun and feminine garment,

diBallet Future Inspiration


Future is a capsule collection based on everything that ExpoDubai 2020 represents, futurism and innovation, with asymmetric cuts made with laser and silver details   that give each design that touch of futuristic luxury so special and subtle,  providing a capacity of 

absolute mobility and comfort.


dubai expo


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Pavilion Colombia


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